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Jennifer Lee is an independent associate of ISAGENIX health products in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. All ISAGENIX products sold by us are the original and genuine health products directly from ISAGENIX.

We promote the ISAGENIX line of products because it works, based on our personal experience.

Organizing a family, career and social activities can be challenging. Work commitments, children’s activities and traffic jams means that we never have time for ourselves.

Then I Discovered ISAGENIX
Within 2 months, my friends and family started asking me what I have been doing to lose weight. Then they started using the products and they got the same results I did.

What I Like About ISAGENIX
It is really important to me that the product has to be high quality, it has to work as advertised and it has to be affordable.

  • Made from Natural ingredients
  • Easy to use – be part of daily routine
  • No need to starve yourself

For best results, eat healthy foods and exercise regularly.

For free consultation

Call or Whatsapp me at 013 860 1699

Jennifer Lee Isagenix Sabah

My friends and I use Isagenix for weight loss because it works!

Everyday Weight Loss Pak

Everyday Weight Loss Pak

Everyday Energy & Performance Pak

Everyday Energy & Performance Pak

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